Saturday, 19 September 2015

My father once told me that I should never get into debates on Politics or Religion, especially if you spend time in pubs. Well I can honestly say I have never had problems with Religion in pubs but Politics can sure liven a party up.
It appears that now the 21st century has dawned, Religious believers are slowly disappearing in the educated world. Space exploration seems to be blowing much of the old stories away. This though should not take away one's belief in a creator, for no matter what, the Universe would have been hard put to create itself.
What must be done now is to sweep away the three thousand year cobwebs and bring all religions into the modern world, for modern discoveries have brought us to a new era in human knowledge. If we do not bring ourselves up-to-date, many of us will find our family lines erased during the millennia to come. It must be remembered by all who believe in a God, that the God or Gods being followed today, have only been with us for about 3000 years and prior to that, dozens of other Gods were in favor for thousands of years before our own religious beginnings. In Egypt alone, at least 42 male,female and animal Gods were followed for about 3000 years before being discontinued. This was because of a war that placed Egypt in the control of a foreign power that changed the Egyptian perspective on religion overall. At this moment, the western world faces a crisis that will eventually cause civil war throughout Europe, Canada, America, Australia, Africa and anywhere else that religious malcontents have been shipped or have shipped themselves. 
One statement being made by the press against those who oppose the integration by religions that are complete opposites, is that such people are racist. Such is the intelligence being shown by such reporting. Religion is not a race. it is a cult, a sect practiced by those of any race.
So why is the west allowing two very much opposed religions to come into such close contact on so massive a scale? Why are Governments doing what they are told and who is it that is giving the orders, is it the Jews who still haven't forgiven the west for ignoring their plight during the last World War? Is it a plan to separate Muslims from their oil laden lands [their lands are very Bin Laden with oil] What of the western countries of Europe, will they be forced into destroying the Muslims now making up great numbers in places like the UK, France, Denmark and Holland. Russia has already had it's problems with Chechnya and Georgia and I do not think that bodes well for the west in relation to casualties in the future. Sure the Western Nations will be much better suited to winning such a war should it take place because Syria is now finished, Lebanon has been in trouble for quite a while, Palestine is still in a state of siege, Libya has been fed to the wolves as have many African countries and the weaker they grow, the easier it will be for the power people to take them out. Vietnam should stand out as a shining example to all Muslims, the American people had no axe to grind with that country and did not care one iota if they accepted communism or not, only the power brokers that wanted wars for the sake of Industry cared one way or the other. Americans and for that matter, all democratic peoples care little about where their oil comes from so long as it is cheap enough to buy. Basically, the normal working person, the normal villager, the normal man-about-town is not interested in war, if the powers want someone to get his balls shot off for a lousy $1000.00 then why do they not do it themselves? 
I once told a Muslim leader the same thing, why do they not strap explosives to themselves and not those who do not understand the consequences. What I do see as being the right way to go in this critical time, is for the west to set in place a multi trillion dollar operation to restore all Muslims lands to viable operations with suitable industries and trade that will attract those who have run away from poverty and persecution, to return home to a safe and secure homeland. The Saudi Arabian Governing body and its royalty should be the first to start the ball rolling for the sake of Islam, they should start sharing the oil riches on a far greater scale than they do now. It appears that they have no shame in respect to the people to whom the land belongs. The oil filled lands do not belong to any one family, they belong to all who live in the oil rich nations, it is only those who pay royalties for the oil who want such people in power, it is far easier to handle those who are taken over by absolute greed.
The war operations in progress at the moment appears to be a "get rid of the poor once and for all" program.  

Where did Judaism and Christianity begin  
 Judaism had it's true beginnings probably as Moses dictated, along the way out of Egypt. Although this people belong to the Semitic race, they found themselves jumping from God to God every time they were expelled from countries they infiltrated. Sadly, their mode of operation has been astray when it comes to trying to peacefully subdue countries by gaining power through wealth. Although it usually took 400 years or so, nations suddenly woke to the pressure that was applied by this race and quickly expelled them. This has happened at least four times in the ancient past with the last time being devastating for the tribes of Judah. In about 2600bc, the Jews were thrown out of Anatolia and they migrated to Ur in Iraq. They remained in that place for some 400 years until thrown out by that people. They then migrated to Egypt after a spell in Canaan and 432 years later were again expelled in 1450bc probably during the reign of Thothmoses the 3rd. About 700 years later, the Hebrews were taken out of Canaan by Nebuchadnezzar but 30 years later his successor sent the Hebrews out of his land probably after realizing the problems associated with this Gold and Silversmith group. 
The Hebrews got their name from the God they followed in Egypt, a God that they had probably followed in Iraq under another name. The Egyptian name for that God was Hapi or Api, the Bull Calf of the province [Nome] of Ramesses [Western Harpoon] of the Nile Delta region. The Egyptians called the foreigners Hapiru, the "ru" denoting foreigners that worship Hapi.
But there were the other Hebrews that decided to follow one God [as did many Egyptians at that time] the one God they decided on was the Aton, a God that most of the elite Hebrews followed at Armana, the city of Akhnaton pharaoh of Egypt. This group were those who followed Moses during the great eruption of Santorini [Thira] at the beginning of the time of the persecution of the Atonists and they accepted his religion that combined the Aton religion and the beliefs of Hammurabi. Whilst using much of the older Mesopotamian religious history, a goodly amount of the old Egyptian beliefs were also injected into the Genesis of the Bible. So much absolute rubbish has been used to taint the minds of those who need religion as a prop, that to clean up such a mess would take a god centuries to do.
The Christian religion has only been with us for some 2000 years but in truth, it has come down to us via Judaism and Atonism from about 1500bc.
Atonism was the first truly one god religion and it was brought into practice with the first of the Thothmoside Pharaohs of Egypt. The absolute beginning of this religion will eventually be traced to wherever the Thothmosides originated. The first known follower was apparently the father or Grandfather of Akhenaton [he later became the creator of the religion] who made it a sole operation by banning all other religious practices in Egypt. When this began to prove impractical, he moved his capital to Armana and built a new city that was devoted to the worship of his one god. Followers of the Aton had already grown in numbers to such an extent, that included were many of the wealthy Egyptian and Hebrew set of Egypt including other foreigners who lived there in many capacities. They were able to build the new city in short time and the beginnings of Judaism and Christianity were formed. At the end of Ahkenaton's reign, fighting broke out between the religions of Egypt and the Atonists with Tutankhaton deciding to change his name back to Tutankhamen and to reinstate the old religions to their old grandeur. As the Bible tells us, the Hebrews left Egypt and took the teachings of the Thothmoside family with them as a base for their own beliefs that were set in place for them by Moses who was probably a son of Pharaoh Thothmoses one or two. The fact that the Bible does not name Moses father except to call him a man of Levi which may have been possible as the Thothmoses family may well have been Hebrews. 

Pharaohs came from favored royal wives who may have been of any nationality and their children were placed in line to become the next Pharaoh by the position in which the old Pharaoh placed his wife as favorite. So it is entirely possible that Moses was of the Royal family via a Hebrew woman who married a Pharaoh or could have even been born of an Hebrew/Egyptian father whose line was already in power. Moses himself was not in line for the throne or if he was, he was forced out by a rival and ran away to the Arabian Peninsula. Prior to the Thothmoside Pharaohs, the Hyksos [Semites] were in power in the Nile Delta region including Thebes and it is possible that the 18th Dynasty was begun by the wealthy Hapiru of the Delta after the Hyksos departed. It is highly possible that a Hebrew bride of one of the first Pharoahs of the 18th dynasty [Kah-mose, Ah-mose or even of Sequenenre whose embattled body still exists in mummy form] was the originator of the Thothmoside Kings. The  name Mose or Moses from Kah-mose onward, tends to add credence to this thought. One wonders at the number of Pharaohs that were not truly Egyptian during the 3000 years up until the death of Cleopatra. The Nubians, the Assyrians, the Libyans, the Persians, the Greeks, the Macedonians and the Romans all had turns at ruling Egypt during that period of time. Because the human brain can only absorb so much, most religious nuts find it easier to believe without question instead of asking themselves why they believe in something only invented a few thousand years ago. Why, because some silly little people with armies of even sillier little people decided to crush anyone who did not believe what they were told to believe.

Christianity following on
Christianity is also a follow-on religion from the old Dacian [Getae] peoples that were also located near the original home country of the first of the Jewish [Cimmerians, Sumerians, Hebrew, Hapiru, Judah, Israelites] peoples. The Getae were a nomadic group whose people were known as the Scythians and also by the name Massagetae [Massa = big] who became the Russian and Ukraine peoples of modern times. The belief of the Getae was exactly that of the Christians some 400 years later, the king of the Getae wanted his people to love him more and he devised a plan that involved the preparation of his tomb in which he had himself laid as one dead and three days later he arose from his tomb and his people believed that he was a son of the God Zalmoxis and they feted and adored him for his return from the dead. The name of this King was Gebeleisis [very similar to the name Jesus] and so ended this precursor for Christianity. 
An odd note for this people of Romania/Bulgaria,
is that they, like the tribes of Israel, disappeared from history in that they were dispersed by wars and etc. I believe that the Gypsies of today may be a residue of this people or that they, like the Jews migrated into Russia whose people were of the same original Scythian race.

Perhaps the saddest situation worldwide is the turmoil in which Islam now finds itself. The Quran [Koran] is followed fiercely by zealots who would control the masses and fight for leadership over their charges. Two main groups Sunni and Shia continually argue among themselves and like the two other main religions [Judaism and Christianity]
have several different breakaway sects among them.   
The problem for the Muslims is to find a peaceful way to bring their religion back together, The new Islamic state will not be successful by destroying those who have a softer view on religion than the radicals, no matter how many Shias, Sufi's or the 70 other branches of Islam they try to destroy with the fearful acts they commit against humanity, it will never come to pass that they will succeed. Islam is like Christianity in that most of its followers are truly God fearing and God loving beings. The radicals know and understand them and they strike fear into the meek by using their god against them. The meek are too afraid to go against both their god and the radicals and so are faced with a catch 22 dilemma. Until the meek among them are able to stand up to those who would rule over them like lords, who would try to force unjust and ancient laws upon them and who would destroy the ancient history of their lands, the world will not be safe for Islam or the Gentiles or the Jews.
Muslims must be financially and industrially assisted to remain in the land of their birth close to their religious shrines so that the radicals will not destroy their own Islamic history along with the ancient past. A massive religious war on a worldwide scale will only achieve one thing, the partial destruction of the human race with the poorer races among us being taken out of existence.
It would do the Muslims no good at all trying to take over the world as progress would cease, television, movies and anything that is obscene in the eyes of those who follow Sharia law would also cease to exist and therefore all industry would shut down and humanity would revert to the stone age. Islam is a legitimate religion that deserves to exist along with Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Assemblies of God and many other breakaways, Their religion may not conform to the west but the west does not conform to their beliefs either so it is better the twain not meet, better that both maintain what is theirs upon this world and divide what is theirs among themselves. One thing that the Islamic countries could learn from the west is that the wealth [mostly oil] of their land belongs to the people of that land and that as such needs to be divided fairly and generously among its people. Having despots rule a country who are not bringing that country into the 21st century is despicable. Rulers should make sure that poverty and education are both ended and improved respectively, Bee hives and ant nests are happy and industrious because the workers have been educated that their survival depends on everyone doing their bit. Humans are no different, they are happy so long as they have what is needed to create happiness, a home, love, a car, food, work and one wife and children and of course a rest day a week and a month paid holiday a year. The west can create that for every Muslim country by assisting them to improve the status of every human being within their nations and by convincing rulers that they should get rid of the terrible laws by which they control their people. It will be interesting to see what will happen when they run out of oil, will they name that era as being"How the West was Gone".

Any sane person will tell you that religion is a festering sore in the mentality of mankind. Those of a humble background know only what is taught to them and when that teaching is enforced, there is nowhere else to go and so brainwashed indoctrination has it's way. The disgusting lack of humanity shown by both the radical Muslims and the radical Illuminati will eventually be overcome by those of sound minds but at what expense? 
A message for the radical Muslims would be to simply say that converting 3 billion people to your religion is impossible, killing 3 billion people is even more impossible because even if you could make it happen, there would be no radical Muslims left standing so it would be a stupid folly. Even if you could do such a thing, how would you then run a world that has been set up by the educated west? 
The same type of message for the Illuminati would be impossible because they keep telling themselves that they can rule the world by using their own media to use propaganda on themselves. They just keep telling themselves that they can rule the world which makes them dumber than the radical Muslims. It is strange how the educated are sometimes less knowing than the uneducated. Live and let live! Oh and by the way, human beings are not made for the slaughter of their fellow humans, such events as mass murder or even a single murder will come back to haunt the offender. Murdering ones fellow man or woman or child is a crime against birth life and death and there will be a payment required that those who kill in a murderous fashion will have to pay. Beware those who commit crimes against humanity and the fathers of humanity because the punishment will be never ending and in fact, whatever good was meant for you in the next life or your heaven if there is one, will be extinguished due to your crimes.
Do not destroy that which your ancestors left for you and the world to admire, this is the evidence of your own existence, the evidence that the people of the Middle East had the intelligence to rule and to build. Religion may have taken that ability away from their descendants but moderation will quickly bring back ability, just let commonsense have its head. Finally a little advice to Israel, it is in the best interests of all those on Earth that you take the bridle off the horse you are flogging. Stop encroaching on land that does not belong to you and return that which you have taken to those who own it. Can you not see the future, can you not see that your people will again be disrupted? Your passage through history be you a new Jew or one of old, is not the blame of the rest of humanity, it is the blame of your type of modus operandi throughout history.
Set a border that will be agreed and of benefit to both Palestinian and Jew and do so amicably. The longer you cause hatred throughout the Arab world, the longer your uncomfortable passage through history. Think of your Great Grand Children and what they will have to suffer because of your radicalism. It is time to end this disgusting and unsavory murdercapade on which you continue to embark. Palestine has tried many ways to bargain with you and just as your American compatriots did with the American Indian, you have ignored their human rights in the name of plunder, back off and give peace a chance before you turn the world to total war in your name. Loading Europe with Muslims will not create the same scenario in which you are placed, Europe belongs to the Europeans, Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and that which belongs to Israel belongs to Israel. You do not own it all.The god of the Jews is some 3500 years old, the gods of the ancient Egyptians lasted about the same period of time before they were dispersed in favor of Allah of the Arabs. Perhaps the end is coming for all of the old death dealing religions, perhaps the new world order will be a peaceful and joyous humanity and not the wealth and controlling Illuminati that is now being talked about.