Friday, 6 November 2015


World peace is now heavily under threat due to whomsoever is conducting the mass immigration that we see in progress.Queue jumping has become such an in thing as to have become forgotten in the rightness of such actions.
So who is doing such a thing, they know that the world will not permit invasion on this massive scale, they know that great European cities will be destroyed just as Syria has been destroyed. What plans have been put in place to protect that which we have come to love, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Winchester Cathedral Westminster Abbey and the list goes on all over Europe. Who will protect the Royal Family from those who would wipe it off the face of the Earth, How will they control the savagery that is being  shown wherever Muslims are in place? Who would have believed that a young British Bandsman could be run over and then butchered alive while lying in agony on an English town street? Who are the people that allow such filthy cowardly crimes? It is only pleasing to say that when they are caught, that the prison system non-practicing dentists make sure that these criminals look after what remains of their teeth.
What is this oddity that has western Governments cringing at every rejection of the Muslim religion?
Why do National police forces bash into their own countrymen who do not want this alien religion destroying their culture. Surely they know this terrible experiment will come to no good for Islam will not be part of any multicultural society, for them, there is only one society and one law, Sharia! 
Animalistic crimes must be quickly eradicated from English and European soils, All young men of Middle Eastern origin must be given work either on islands or in African or Islamic countrys that have populations that cannot be placed in harms way. The salaries of these radicals can be paid to their families whilst the families await shipment back to their true homelands, In the name of peace, the threat of Muslim takeover must be eradicated at all cost in a way that is protective of all peoples.

It is my thought but not yet qualified opinion, that there is a large group managing the direction in which the Muslim radicals such as Isil and others are going. I can imagine that the different sects within Islam will fight over some issues but I did not expect that they would turn to beheading their own believers. What they are showing the world is animal behavior that does not frighten us but it does make us ashamed that members of the human race can slice the heads off other humans [whether of the same religion or not] and place it on video for the world to see. What kind of father would have his very young son hold up the head of a dead soldier and say "that's my boy"! Has the world gone mad, how can Muslims and for that matter all religions accept such behavior?
What clearly must be done is take away the Imams and replace them with level headed intelligent educated members of the different Islamic religions, men who will not advocate the disgusting Sharia Laws that are now outdated by almost two thousand years. The Islamic world must become educated in several directions and the first of these is that the world does not belong to them, they were lucky enough to inherit that part of the world that is rich with oil and they have the right to protect that wealth but their own leaders are starving and warring them out of their homelands and they are running to us with an illness that can never be healed and one that will create civil war all over the world. For my part, I am happy to see the pyramids and Mecca and Palmyra whilst on holiday. I am happy to return to my own kind where I can feel safe and secure. I am not happy to have an alien religion and alien people trying to change what I have known all my life, peace! It is time that those who cannot change to a more peace loving friendly and free society went back to their hate and jealousy ridden lands rather than stay here where they try to bring what they have left into our world. 
Yes, every dog has his fleas to carry but sooner or later, he realizes that all he has to do is lie in a stream up to his nose with a stick in his mouth and soon every flea will jump onto the stick and he can let-it-go!