Sunday, 21 August 2016


 It surely does have a nice ring to it but Mr Trump has developed an attitude that has worn thin on the democratic section of America. Now they are placed in a quandary, one where they will have to choose in perhaps having another Pole under the office desk accompanied by the same Government they have had for quite some time now. Frankly I find Trump refreshing for he does not lie to his supporters and he does not lie to his haters. One would guess that he will mellow somewhat if he does gain office but I truly feel that he will make things work for the USA once more. I have folloed Trump since he appeared on Oprah and truly believe America needs him.
For too long America has been in the hands of the wrong type of people who continue to believe that the world can be united as one with all people wandering around in a blissful Garden of Eden. America needs strength just as Russia has strength in Putin, Trump has so much in common with Putin [they even have the same number of letters in their names of which two are the same letters. I believe that Americans will show support for Trump if he can moderate his words and get the Media back onside by promising the Moguls everything. One now understands that the Media control the voters by push and pull tactics so one can only hope that the American public will see through the media crap and get a strong leader. So far it has been two wimpish money moguls, a swordsman, a black Muslim. This I hope is the end of an era because Hilary cannot lord it over Putin, she may have the name but she could never climb Mt Everest.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


When did it all begin?
Pornography has come to us in many forms down through the ages and it has caused much disturbance in many areas due to the differing opinions on the rights and wrongs of pornography in all fields.
Perhaps a half a million years ago the first cave dweller painted or drew pictographs on his cave wall or maybe much more time went by until the first civilizations came to be before murals and pottery became the drawing boards. Whatever the case, sex, sex objects and anything else that excites the libido of both men and women has been the main focus of human sexuality for as long as can be remembered.
The human mind has not yet been able to conquer the lust emotion and even your friendly police officer can be seen subversively sneaking a peek at the occasional voluptuous or sensually masculine person strolls by. The problems that come with such desires are manifold and as such cause many problems within human society, a society that is still not able to understand how to handle or cope with said problems.
It is very apparent to all who have studied history, that sex and the opposite sex are the most important part of human emotional feelings and as such, should be treated with great respect for the human mind is flammable and deprivation can lead to severe emotional outbreaks.
Deprived of Sex 
It should be obvious that even celebrate Priests  cannot deprive themselves as already much is known about the hidden world of the religious. Pedophiles are rife within the Church as is homosexuality and it is difficult to separate the two because many pedophiles are known to have adult lovers also. This is not the only example of persons trying to deprive themselves and failing. Nunneries have also suffered their own problems with tales of Nuns becoming pregnant and giving their children to the Church while others simply pack up and leave, preferring to go back into society.
In this the 21st century, we have still not learned to understand what should be done about these sexual concerns, Should it all be swept under the carpet, should all who break the rules be made scapegoats for our own emotional feelings?
21st Century Pornography
Now that we have arrived in this 21st Century, we should be attempting to even out the problems we are faced with in this regard. Some countries realize the problems associated with child sex and have tried to bring down the age of consent while other countries have long realized the problem and have allowed their religious laws to control the matter. For many years in the past,12 years has been the accepted age for consensual sex in many western countries but the Victorian era brought and end to that and the British Empire reverted to keeping everything under wraps so to speak.
Personally, in this 21st century, I firmly believe that many a poor girl has been saved from a fate worse than death [or as bad as] by pornography in video format. Men can now get to see everything, no matter how bad and so most are just too worn out to get past their front door. On the other side, Pornography on social media can also provoke males, especially if seen by the animals that have still not come out of the Neanderthal age. Pornography, like everything else has it's good side and it's bad side

Saturday, 5 December 2015



Gun control, especially in the USA, can be a pretty heady subject but Americans should stop and think a little on how to handle this with respect for everyone that lives in their land.
It is now obvious to even the most stubborn gun lover in America, that the number of deaths has now risen to unprecedented heights  and that it will not be long before the rampaging death toll will be one that will no longer be ignored. People wont be able to go to shopping centers without fear of terrorism and death. So where do we start and how can we [the opposed and the for] join together to make America safe from the most dangerous of weapons.

Fully Automatic Weapons 
How can an American citizen own weapons that are designed for and used by the military? Their constitution enables them to own weapons in defense of their lives and family but to be able to own weapons of war is a little too heavy for the general public. Americans easily go after the Muslims when it comes to chastising that religion for being outdated in it's beliefs but the American constitution was written two hundred years or more ago and it too has seen it's day. It is easy to see that the men who go after the heavier automatic weapons have side issues that need to be looked at by the US Government but still, there is a safe way for those who like to feel Rambo-ish.

Gun Clubs and the Target Range.
All heavy automatic weapons including heavy pistols, should only be available to Gun Club members. Purchase of such should only be available at said Gun Clubs and all heavy weapons should be stored [and insured] at the Gun Club under lock and key. Gun clubs could even hire out such heavy weapons on their target range which area should be strictly and strongly organized. Small arms would still be available at gun shops for home protection but the larger weapons of war, which are not and should not be used for hunting animals. The heavy automatic weapons should not be available as an privately owned weapon, to anyone outside of the military or police forces unless they are stored permanently at a gun club.
Gun lovers should understand that sooner or later, someone is going to walk into the school, dance or shopping center where your family think they are safe from evil, how will you protect them if you are not there? Will you go on a gun rampage and murder those who have had nothing to do with the killings, will you be filled with murderous revenge and be just the same as the idiots that commit terror crimes?
You can manage quite well with small arms, shotguns and repeating rifles for their protection. Seriously, you do not need machine guns or RPG's unless of course you are planning a war yourself. Face it, you have allowed your juveniles to take your weapons out in public and do terrible damage, if you allowed this to happen, then you also should pay a penalty. The taking of innocent lives by thrill killers who get their weapons from their parent should be payed for by all concerned.

Monday, 30 November 2015


Is Abortion Murder?
This is a question that has troubled millions of people over centuries and will probably go on doing so for thousands of years to come. Guilt is a very hard thing to overcome especially for young mothers to-be who cannot afford to have a child.
There are of course many medical reasons for need of an abortion, just as there are many financial reasons for the same need.
Religious factors.
Religion has for many years played a part in stopping abortions, especially the Catholic religion. Most claim that it is the murder of little children but this is countered by the argument that the child that is unborn is not yet a living human being in the truest sense of the word.
This is somewhat of a conundrum because how far back into a pregnancy does one go to show that the baby is no longer a living being? Is it when the baby is not moving or when it is has arrived at it's human form? 
Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?
This brings us to a very interesting point, is the egg that rests inside the mother, a living item or it an item in limbo until it is fertilized by the male sperm?
And what of Sperm, what in goodness name are they, millions of them? This is where the argument can become out-of-reach to even the most dedicated scientist. A Caterpillar is alive and eating until it has absorbed enough energy to be able to cocoon itself and make that most marvelous transition to a Butterfly or Moth. Sperm may not be exactly the same as a caterpillar but they too are alive and moving before they fertilize the female egg. This means that every man who masturbates onto the ground, down a toilet or into tissues is murdering not one but millions of his prospective babies. There is no difference, none at all because like all life on Earth, Sperm were born in a primordial soup inside the male body just as life had it's beginnings a billion years ago. Women [and Men] who swallow those little billion year old swimmers, are actually cannibalizing millions of pre-babies in one foul swoop.

Ahh Yes But!
Yes nothing, we are all guilty at some time in our lives and trying to say that abortion is the murder of an unborn child at a different stage in it's life cycle. It is hypocrisy if you say that Sperm are not living organisms that are the forerunner of human life. 

So what can be done?
First, it should be  noted that destroying an unborn baby after a certain period should be punished by law [not religion or religious laws] and that period should not be classed upon the latest date [26 weeks] but should be arranged only at the time when pregnancy is first detected, this should be [at the latest] about 8 weeks.
A few days should be used in assisting the mother to realize other possibilities [adoption and etc] and then the abortion should proceed if requested.
Medical abortions in respect to saving the life of the mother and stopping the birth of Downs syndrome should also be arranged at the earliest opportunity. There is nothing that should stand in the way of the mothers life. If she should want to save the child's life at the expense of her own, then this would be a crime in itself with the mother committing suicide.
There are many rights and wrongs that can be shown on both sides of the coin in respect to abortion. Natives of the Torres Strait called abortion Marramatta, technically they buried the child as soon as it was born and this was usually done to unwanted female babies at birth. Their reasoning was because boy children could work and hunt to feed the family in hard times. This tradition is still to be seen in India today where girl children are an almost unwanted commodity

To each his own
As for myself, I am against abortion unless it is a proven medical necessity but my reasons are simply this, there are many ways in which you can dispose of a child without taking it's life. There is no reason for a woman to say that getting pregnant was an accident because accidents don't just happen, they are made.
On the other hand, I have no right to get on a religious bandwagon led by a loud mouthed preacher and run around killing people in the name of any unborn child. It is the right of the mother to do what she wants to do about a pregnancy as long as it is within the law. For some idiot to blow up an abortion clinic is doing what he [or rather it] claims that the doctors are doing but he [or rather it] is murdering grown adults.

The Lords Prayer
Something that has not gone down well with me is those little devastating accidents that happen during life. Like when I ran over one of my pet cats. I was rather upset for quite some time and pangs of guilt sometimes haunted me. I can only commiserate with young men and women [girls] that have to lose an unborn for it will be on their mind forever. If there is a God then I suggest those who have aborted, start practicing just what you are going to say in your defense when you are standing before him. 

Friday, 6 November 2015


World peace is now heavily under threat due to whomsoever is conducting the mass immigration that we see in progress.Queue jumping has become such an in thing as to have become forgotten in the rightness of such actions.
So who is doing such a thing, they know that the world will not permit invasion on this massive scale, they know that great European cities will be destroyed just as Syria has been destroyed. What plans have been put in place to protect that which we have come to love, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Winchester Cathedral Westminster Abbey and the list goes on all over Europe. Who will protect the Royal Family from those who would wipe it off the face of the Earth, How will they control the savagery that is being  shown wherever Muslims are in place? Who would have believed that a young British Bandsman could be run over and then butchered alive while lying in agony on an English town street? Who are the people that allow such filthy cowardly crimes? It is only pleasing to say that when they are caught, that the prison system non-practicing dentists make sure that these criminals look after what remains of their teeth.
What is this oddity that has western Governments cringing at every rejection of the Muslim religion?
Why do National police forces bash into their own countrymen who do not want this alien religion destroying their culture. Surely they know this terrible experiment will come to no good for Islam will not be part of any multicultural society, for them, there is only one society and one law, Sharia! 
Animalistic crimes must be quickly eradicated from English and European soils, All young men of Middle Eastern origin must be given work either on islands or in African or Islamic countrys that have populations that cannot be placed in harms way. The salaries of these radicals can be paid to their families whilst the families await shipment back to their true homelands, In the name of peace, the threat of Muslim takeover must be eradicated at all cost in a way that is protective of all peoples.

It is my thought but not yet qualified opinion, that there is a large group managing the direction in which the Muslim radicals such as Isil and others are going. I can imagine that the different sects within Islam will fight over some issues but I did not expect that they would turn to beheading their own believers. What they are showing the world is animal behavior that does not frighten us but it does make us ashamed that members of the human race can slice the heads off other humans [whether of the same religion or not] and place it on video for the world to see. What kind of father would have his very young son hold up the head of a dead soldier and say "that's my boy"! Has the world gone mad, how can Muslims and for that matter all religions accept such behavior?
What clearly must be done is take away the Imams and replace them with level headed intelligent educated members of the different Islamic religions, men who will not advocate the disgusting Sharia Laws that are now outdated by almost two thousand years. The Islamic world must become educated in several directions and the first of these is that the world does not belong to them, they were lucky enough to inherit that part of the world that is rich with oil and they have the right to protect that wealth but their own leaders are starving and warring them out of their homelands and they are running to us with an illness that can never be healed and one that will create civil war all over the world. For my part, I am happy to see the pyramids and Mecca and Palmyra whilst on holiday. I am happy to return to my own kind where I can feel safe and secure. I am not happy to have an alien religion and alien people trying to change what I have known all my life, peace! It is time that those who cannot change to a more peace loving friendly and free society went back to their hate and jealousy ridden lands rather than stay here where they try to bring what they have left into our world. 
Yes, every dog has his fleas to carry but sooner or later, he realizes that all he has to do is lie in a stream up to his nose with a stick in his mouth and soon every flea will jump onto the stick and he can let-it-go!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

In this the 21st century, we now have a whole new social problem, gay marriage. This item is surely no problem for those who are gay but it does have it's detractors and therefore needs to be discussed.
We shall look at all aspects of homosexuality and will get down to the basics hoping that a case exists for those for and against homosexuals who wish to unite in marriage. 
There will be those who will want this post to support Gay Marriage under the heading Human Rights but Homosexuality comes in many forms and people deserve the right to know if such will affect their own children and grand children.
 I am not opposed to any two same sex people who might want to unite as a wedded couple so long as it is a mutual agreement that binds them together as in a heterosexual marriage. I am though, a little perturbed by the way in which homosexuals operate in gaining their partners . I am also opposed to the word marriage being used in their partnerships and show why below.

The right to call themselves married 
Ever since man became interested in woman and vice versa, marriage has always been unequal and it will never ever be equal whilst men and women are of opposite sexes. 
We call them opposite sexes because they do oppose one another for most of the time. Since police have made it almost impossible for a man or woman to sit in the pub/club/bar/hotel until the family are asleep, most of us inhabit the garage or the TV room to avoid said opposition.
It is obvious that those for Gay and Lesbian marriage are at the very least, treading on heterosexual toes with Gay abandon. Marriage equality for homosexuals? 
I can say that had I and my forefathers and Mothers not had to suffer opposition in marriage for thousands of years I would happily say let the Gay peoples have the right to marriage equality. 
But, as they did not and do not [at this moment in time] have to put up with such opposition, I am against them getting marriage equality because we who are married heterosexually have never had equality, ever! 
If they want the right to unite, let them call it that but marriage and it's pain belongs only to we who have suffered the opposition. For any group to come along trying to interfere with our suffering by trying to introduce gaiety into marriage is much too radical right now. 
Besides, can they not see that at least 50% of us are trying to escape from it? I say no! This pain belongs to heterosexuals, we cannot share this burden with anyone, especially with those who gaily go about life without a care in the world Marriage belongs to us, the long suffering hetero who have long felt it's harshness
Fun Over 

Sexual Divisions
There are several different divisions within homosexuality that must be discussed simply because the differences need to by shown to those who wish to support one side or the other so that they are not going down the wrong path. Also, Heterosexual people and Gay supporters need to know what goes on within each of the divisions and whether there will be anything that might effect straight people along the way.

As we know, human rights is involved in many issues and homosexuality is just another item on the agenda but it is one that needs much more than just the gays and their supporters calling for the right to marry. An examination of the facts surrounding how homosexuals act and react in society and what the effect would be on society if laws are to be passed that allow Gay Marriage.

What group type are considered "Gay"

The Queen
It must be remembered that there are many different types who can be termed "Gay", There is of course that person who feels he has been wrongly done by in nature, he feels effeminate and has strong desires toward men. This person usually has the tendency to put on female "airs" when around men they fancy. This person usually lives with another effeminate gay at least until one of them has found a permanent partner. A separation after they join can occur because of the promiscuity of this type of homosexual, they are rarely faithful and usually jump from man to man until old age sets in. This can and is, of course, a problem for some heterosexuals also.
Many Gays suffer from rectal problems caused by the insertion of a penis or other objects during their sexual prime and this usually results in medical worries for these people as they grow older. This person is usually considered to be the flagship for homosexuality. This person will never [or most probably never] have sex with another of his effeminate type. He usually wants a "straight", a man who is completely heterosexual and a much desired conquest for this queen and he may even go so far as to have a sex change operation. 

The Lesbian
Let it be known that Butch Lesbians are no different to their effeminate male cousins, they have the same desire to inflict sexual revenge on heterosexual women and they also, are rarely faithful. They are also categorized into the same groups as male homosexuals including Pedophilia. They are most commonly found in sporting arenas such as cricket, men's basketball and any other sport where they can imitate male actions among young girls. The butch lesbian can also come equipped with some male features like thin upper lips. They completely lose the sensual swollen lips of the heterosexual female. These women also like to dress in male clothing and can usually do so with ease due to the lack of female breasts and etc. 
The female Lesbian is the same as her male counterpart, she is very hard to identify as she dresses and acts as a normal woman but she also comes in different forms like Pedophile and etc. 

The Macho Man
The next male person to be thought of as Gay is the Macho man, his sexuality is little understood or even properly thought about by heterosexuals. He can be found anywhere but is usually very secretive about his sexual desires. He can be seen in Football clubs all around the world and in all codes, he can be found in boxing rings and all other sporting challenges and even has a female counterpart in the female or straight looking lesbian. He tries to show himself as being extra tough so as to convince those he attempts to seduce, that beware, he can look after himself in a fight. Others of this type can be wealthy individuals who use that wealth to protect themselves from heterosexuals that might not like their attentions. This type of  "Gay" usually finds himself a heterosexual he can convert and will stay coupled to his mate even though his own faithfulness is not on his list of good things to do. Both the Queen and the Macho man are a danger to lonely heterosexuals for both want to convince them to convert to Gayism.
The Paunchy Fox and the Skinny Weasel
These guys are usually interested in anything different and can be bi-sexual. Usually found in positions of power but can be of the poor set, they are active as long as their age lets them get away with it. Many married men of middle age easily slip into relationships with younger men if they can find them.
The Paedophile
The nasty type Gay who preys on children of both sexes with little boys as his favorite. He, like all fellow homosexuals, has a problem with finding his sexual role. He has a tendency to dominate once he has control of his subject and is adept at using words and deeds to gain access to the one he has chosen. He has probably come from an abusive family where one or both parents have made use of him at a very young age. He can be found around Toilets, Schools, Parks, or even in the Library. He may even be someone who sells Ice cream or lollies to children. He is most usually found among the Judiciary, and other people of high academic backgrounds but can also come from the lower set usually from a bad family background.
The Priest
Even nastier than a general Pedophile is the Gay priest. He will abuse young church goers  from any age [suffer unto ye the little children] and of either sex. The victims of these evil men are long suffering and mentally disturbed for life after this has happened. It must be remembered that all Gays are NOT effeminate, most are deviant. They deviate from what is termed normal relationships with the opposite sex and feel happier having sexual relationships with those they convert.
The Lawyer
I was once befriended by a lawyer who had no hesitation in telling me he was Gay and that he liked young Hetero guys. Thankfully, I was over his age limit. The Cop
While having long talks with the Lawyer over coffee , we discussed homosexuality. The Lawyer knew that I had worked as doorman at a couple of all male reviews in Kings Cross [Sydney] in my younger days and perhaps felt comfortable talking about this subject with me. I had several meetings with the lawyer due to my working near the law courts and at lunch times he would usually turn up at my stand looking for a chat. At one time I asked him were there many Lawyers who were also Gay and he laughed, "lawyers, Police, Judges, Doctors, you name it" I was a little shocked at this because I had always felt that Gays were actors and dancers, not from places of trust.
He went on to say that there were a group called the "family" who had members from just about every professional field there is. The object of these people was to have the type of sex they desired without being endangered from any quarter.

The Bisexual Single or married Guy
This guy can be hard to spot, he has a tendency to need gay sex on the side but does not wish to show himself in that light. He usually comes out when his married life goes sour in mid life. He also likes to get at young muscular men and he usually has the money and time to create his trysts. He is adept at keeping out of trouble and usually suffers no beatings and if he does, fends it off by saying he was mugged. At this age, he is happily into eating the semen from his young men.
Homosexuality is slightly different to Heterosexuality in that it is a much more intense way of life for its sufferers. The Queen is always a queen and has no desire to be with Gay guys except in friendship [Gimme a Straight any day], The Queen can be found in all areas of show business, Stage, Screen and Television.
The Macho man [Rock Hudson types] usually chase men and convert them quickly and this can turn ugly when the young men realize what has happened to their mentality. They also look for the soft type of Hetero who perhaps goes to church looking for strength, this type of Hetero can quickly fall victim to the Macho man. As with animals, a bull is a bull and will service anything that comes along just to show his masculinity and yet will always be considered straight. Queens know just what type to look for and I have yet to meet one who has not had his macho footballer or weightlifter in his bed.
There are so many deviants within the homosexual fold, men and women who have been dominated or victimized as children and who take out their pain on normal children and young adults growing up. The hardest thing for young people is to find beauty in themselves, many believe that there is nobody of the same sex who would want them for one reason or another. I believe that about 33% of the Earths people have homosexuality traits in them and only by good upbringing can we reduce this back to what is termed natural selection. Up to the age of 12 years we are still changing within our bodies, breasts in boys subside from the painful little baby boobs to more natural pectorals whilst girls bloom in that region except for butch lesbians who tend to be with tiny or no breasts. These girls suddenly decide to have short hair and play manly sport and the busty young hetero girls become their revenge. It was strange to see the Australian Women's Cricket team have two of its members sacked several years ago when it was found they were straight. This of course was blatant discrimination yet they got away with it quoting irreconcilable 
Those who do not want their sons and daughters to be converted to this type of sexuality did not believe that homosexuality would be the way their children would go. Remember that any kind of homosexuality is like a religion, once someone has got into their ear, they become hooked and eventually believe they too, are Gay and that their life is lost to that end. A good parent will watch whom their children associate with and will study this problem and understand that when confronted with an enjoyable lifestyle of parties and friendships, they will also be confronted by homosexuals who will attempt to convert them, Also, boy children at age 8 years should spend less time with their mothers or single male friends. Native aboriginal men from many nations take their boys away from the house at that age so the boys  have less chance of being involved with or doing effeminate things. In native societies and our old western society, girls have only home time or holidays with their fathers and so there is less chance of an over strong [I want to be like him] relationship. Also, genes play an important role for both homosexuals, The Queen obviously has too much female in him and this probably be genetic or hormonal [is that correct] from the mother. The butch Lesbian is the same and probably has an overdose of testosterone which causes her body to function more like a boy. It is possible that many of these traits can be rectified by catching the child at an early age or even whilst in the womb, time will tell. In the meantime, Gays should not seek recognition by trying to step into heterosexual traditions, do not call it Gay Marriage, use words like unite or joining. Causing dislike for all of your group by wanting a revenge of sorts is not the way to go. You are already in relationships and have been for many hundred or even thousands of years now. It has the appearance of your wanting some legalities in marriage that hetero people enjoy, It is probable that you can change the legal matters without encroaching on tradition. You have chosen a pathway that will always cause friction and you will never be free of it because there are those among the heterosexuals who will always dislike and even hate you. Some are afraid that if your wants were to multiply, the end of the human race would be nigh.

Adopting children into Homosexual Families 
I have grave reservations regarding Gay couples adopting children, this is totally out of the norm.  It may appear okay but what say has the child in all this. By the time this child is of school age, mental problems will surely arise because of the I don't have a mum/dad, I have two mums/dads. Children can be brought up with love by anyone but I am not sure that it is healthy for a child to be weaned on homosexual love. It should also be mentioned here that many of the laws/acts passed by governments around the world have been put in place and passed by Gay infiltrators, Gay Judges and Lawyers, Gay Politicians and Councilors. Check out your local council members and government ministers. 
I personally do not offer myself up as a specialist in the above area but I have noticed that nobody wants to say what is involved in the sex life of a Gay. This must change so that supporters of Gay Marriage understand the pitfalls of supporting such an unnatural item as this. Remember that Gays are not just a Queen and his butch lover, they are as diverse as Heterosexuals except that when one is a deviant, he can quickly become devious and his sexual desires more violent and nasty than that which is considered normal in Heterosexual circles. I do know that several Gay men have been seriously injured and some killed through their need to have larger objects inserted in their rectums, they have even taken on horses and other animals in their quest for more powerful orgasms and this need is far more in operation within the Gay communities than among Heterosexuals..
From my side of the fence, it is okay for them to practice their deeds and so long as my children are not dragged into it. Be it upon those who can bear such damage to their bodies. Beware of Scout groups and/or boys clubs as many a Paedophile has been known to frequent such places.

The use of Calming Drugs. 
Finally, there is also the issue of drug use by homosexuals who wish to subdue their victims.
This has long been a practice that has resulted in many young people having been molested and raped while intoxicated because of their drinks being laced, spiked or drugged. Call it what you like, this is a common event that occurs at parties and nightclubs or in fact anywhere or anytime. Before you have a final vote on the subject of Gay Marriage, remember that Doctors, Ministers, Priests, Judges, Media moguls and members of every part of society are among them and that they are set in place to assist them with drugs and to set them free if they are caught doing evil deeds.

Homosexuality will always be with us but it must be contained as much as practicable. Gay marriage [like hetero marriage] sounds sweet but it really is a license to do that which is reprehensible to most heterosexuals in the sight of their families. Many gay men can be seen kissing and fondling on the street in plain view of children, this is an abomination for it corrupts the minds of the young and allows Paedophilic predation to become much more severe. It is no good trying to say that Gays are not Paedophiles, it does not matter, they are deviant and have the same disturbed sexual minds as those who would have a penis inserted in their rectum and/or mouth and who consider the conquest and conversion of a "straight" person their main aim in life. Homosexuals have been given most of the human rights they have requested but still they are beaten and killed for their tragic deviancy. Perhaps it is better for them to back off and not try to get an easier ride to conquests. Perhaps the general populace does not wish to try and explain why two women are tongue in the mouth kissing one another on street corners or why Gay men walk together holding each others buttocks as they go, aggravation does not help and will always create violence.As I have said before, homosexuals already have Gay Mardi-gras, hairdresser and dress shops and many other ways to show the world they exist, we know they are there and have accepted their need to come out but, they must invent their own way of uniting, their own way of being a community. The greater number of heterosexuals do not want to be part of your sexuality and those that do are your conversions. Personally I do not wish my family to be exposed to deviant sex and will and have done everything to keep Lot and Sodom's problem well clear. So please, just invent your own world, do not tarnish ours. We allow you to live alongside us but do not wish you to get too close. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

MH370 and others. 

In my 40 years as a historian, I have studied hard especially when things do not appear as they should. I had spent 25 years solving a shipwreck and castaway history mystery that has now gained some fame in the UK,Australia and Europe [see"Wildflower"The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story on Google or Amazon] and during that time, had been confronted with many oddities. 
One modern day mystery, is the MH370 plane that happened to go missing just one week after I had left Malaysia using the same Airline. 
Being an inquisitive person when it comes to such tales, I began trying to find the homes and relatives of the two Queensland couples that apparently went down with MH370. I came to the conclusion that these people did not exist and nor did their neighbors so I decided to watch and leave it to the authorities. Just recently, I was reminded of the missing aircraft MH370 whilst searching for the lost city of Ai in Israel. How was I reminded of MH370, by studying the Israeli countryside.I had quickly tired of reading all the modern day names of Israeli towns and decided to have a look at Tel Aviv with Google Map [Google Map of Israel]on satellite map. 
Whilst scouting along the beaches, I noticed a small sand island offshore about a mile of two from the coast just to the left and a little north of Dov Hoz airport. Now if you take a look at that little sand island at full zoom, you will see what I saw, a twin engine jet about the size of a 777. Now I am no expert on aircraft but the engines are big and the distance from wing to nose also appears to be the right size. I have not heard of a passenger Jet going down in that area [I may be ignorant of that] and it may be that Google maps are taking the mickey but I thought that I should let you all know so that you too can see an underwater aircraft. Use Satellite Google Map of Israel and zoom slowly down on Tel Aviv until you see the airport just north right alongside the beach. Then when  you see the little white island, zoom in on it and look on the coast side of that white island. I have since listened and watched videos relating to this aircraft and it is becoming apparent that there is something more to the story.  MH370 took off from Kuala Lumphur airport at about 12-30am and within one hour, had turned off it's transponder, shut down almost all of it's ACARS system and changed course to fly back over the north west of Malaysia. The 777 then changed course to a westerly direction headed for the Maldives. Somewhere along that route, the aircraft again changed course, this time to a southerly direction. Witnesses in the Maldives claimed that they saw the plane flying low over their island headed in the direction of the American airbase at Diego Garcia. If the above is correct, it could be that the flight was taken over externally by someone with intent to deal with the aircraft as they saw fit. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the taking of MH370 was an attempt to use the aircraft as a trap in the Russian/Ukraine war. The trap would be set by flying a plane directly over Donetsk [far off course] which was a particularly violent war zone at the time. The plane was said to be loaded with passengers going to an AIDS conference although some have stated that the bodies on board were actually people who had died from that disease. Russian officers also stated that the bodies were not "fresh" soon after the aircraft was shot down and that the shooting was done by Ukrainian war planes. Personally, I feel that there is too much subterfuge going on between stupid governments in their need to control energy worldwide and that innocent civilians are affected no matter what happens. America must stay out of the business of sovereign nations or at least prove why their "good deeds" to nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle East oil rich nations should come before the health and welfare of the poor and starving nations of the world. Of all the trillions of dollars being spent on warfare, why not start spending money on the poorer nations just as America did on Germany and Japan after World War Two. The return from such an enterprise would be a more peaceful world with more people being housed and fed. So many western companies are drooling at the mouth for goods made by countries such as Bangladesh and others. By simply buying the goods at a price that gives the workers in those poor countries $50.00 a week instead of the paltry $20.00 per week they earn today. Papua New Guinea Hotel workers were getting $20.00 per week in 1996 and I would bet they still earn close to that amount. America though, does not look after it's own people and has an enormous amount of poor sleeping in the streets so change will have to came from within before they will do more for humanity rather than against it. 
Does anyone really and truly believe that MH370 went missing as per the official explanation? Was there something evil done by outside forces, what do you think??