Thursday, 24 September 2015

MH370 and others. 

In my 40 years as a historian, I have studied hard especially when things do not appear as they should. I had spent 25 years solving a shipwreck and castaway history mystery that has now gained some fame in the UK,Australia and Europe [see"Wildflower"The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story on Google or Amazon] and during that time, had been confronted with many oddities. 
One modern day mystery, is the MH370 plane that happened to go missing just one week after I had left Malaysia using the same Airline. 
Being an inquisitive person when it comes to such tales, I began trying to find the homes and relatives of the two Queensland couples that apparently went down with MH370. I came to the conclusion that these people did not exist and nor did their neighbors so I decided to watch and leave it to the authorities. Just recently, I was reminded of the missing aircraft MH370 whilst searching for the lost city of Ai in Israel. How was I reminded of MH370, by studying the Israeli countryside.I had quickly tired of reading all the modern day names of Israeli towns and decided to have a look at Tel Aviv with Google Map [Google Map of Israel]on satellite map. 
Whilst scouting along the beaches, I noticed a small sand island offshore about a mile of two from the coast just to the left and a little north of Dov Hoz airport. Now if you take a look at that little sand island at full zoom, you will see what I saw, a twin engine jet about the size of a 777. Now I am no expert on aircraft but the engines are big and the distance from wing to nose also appears to be the right size. I have not heard of a passenger Jet going down in that area [I may be ignorant of that] and it may be that Google maps are taking the mickey but I thought that I should let you all know so that you too can see an underwater aircraft. Use Satellite Google Map of Israel and zoom slowly down on Tel Aviv until you see the airport just north right alongside the beach. Then when  you see the little white island, zoom in on it and look on the coast side of that white island. I have since listened and watched videos relating to this aircraft and it is becoming apparent that there is something more to the story.  MH370 took off from Kuala Lumphur airport at about 12-30am and within one hour, had turned off it's transponder, shut down almost all of it's ACARS system and changed course to fly back over the north west of Malaysia. The 777 then changed course to a westerly direction headed for the Maldives. Somewhere along that route, the aircraft again changed course, this time to a southerly direction. Witnesses in the Maldives claimed that they saw the plane flying low over their island headed in the direction of the American airbase at Diego Garcia. If the above is correct, it could be that the flight was taken over externally by someone with intent to deal with the aircraft as they saw fit. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the taking of MH370 was an attempt to use the aircraft as a trap in the Russian/Ukraine war. The trap would be set by flying a plane directly over Donetsk [far off course] which was a particularly violent war zone at the time. The plane was said to be loaded with passengers going to an AIDS conference although some have stated that the bodies on board were actually people who had died from that disease. Russian officers also stated that the bodies were not "fresh" soon after the aircraft was shot down and that the shooting was done by Ukrainian war planes. Personally, I feel that there is too much subterfuge going on between stupid governments in their need to control energy worldwide and that innocent civilians are affected no matter what happens. America must stay out of the business of sovereign nations or at least prove why their "good deeds" to nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle East oil rich nations should come before the health and welfare of the poor and starving nations of the world. Of all the trillions of dollars being spent on warfare, why not start spending money on the poorer nations just as America did on Germany and Japan after World War Two. The return from such an enterprise would be a more peaceful world with more people being housed and fed. So many western companies are drooling at the mouth for goods made by countries such as Bangladesh and others. By simply buying the goods at a price that gives the workers in those poor countries $50.00 a week instead of the paltry $20.00 per week they earn today. Papua New Guinea Hotel workers were getting $20.00 per week in 1996 and I would bet they still earn close to that amount. America though, does not look after it's own people and has an enormous amount of poor sleeping in the streets so change will have to came from within before they will do more for humanity rather than against it. 
Does anyone really and truly believe that MH370 went missing as per the official explanation? Was there something evil done by outside forces, what do you think?? 

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