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Is Abortion Murder?
This is a question that has troubled millions of people over centuries and will probably go on doing so for thousands of years to come. Guilt is a very hard thing to overcome especially for young mothers to-be who cannot afford to have a child.
There are of course many medical reasons for need of an abortion, just as there are many financial reasons for the same need.
Religious factors.
Religion has for many years played a part in stopping abortions, especially the Catholic religion. Most claim that it is the murder of little children but this is countered by the argument that the child that is unborn is not yet a living human being in the truest sense of the word.
This is somewhat of a conundrum because how far back into a pregnancy does one go to show that the baby is no longer a living being? Is it when the baby is not moving or when it is has arrived at it's human form? 
Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?
This brings us to a very interesting point, is the egg that rests inside the mother, a living item or it an item in limbo until it is fertilized by the male sperm?
And what of Sperm, what in goodness name are they, millions of them? This is where the argument can become out-of-reach to even the most dedicated scientist. A Caterpillar is alive and eating until it has absorbed enough energy to be able to cocoon itself and make that most marvelous transition to a Butterfly or Moth. Sperm may not be exactly the same as a caterpillar but they too are alive and moving before they fertilize the female egg. This means that every man who masturbates onto the ground, down a toilet or into tissues is murdering not one but millions of his prospective babies. There is no difference, none at all because like all life on Earth, Sperm were born in a primordial soup inside the male body just as life had it's beginnings a billion years ago. Women [and Men] who swallow those little billion year old swimmers, are actually cannibalizing millions of pre-babies in one foul swoop.

Ahh Yes But!
Yes nothing, we are all guilty at some time in our lives and trying to say that abortion is the murder of an unborn child at a different stage in it's life cycle. It is hypocrisy if you say that Sperm are not living organisms that are the forerunner of human life. 

So what can be done?
First, it should be  noted that destroying an unborn baby after a certain period should be punished by law [not religion or religious laws] and that period should not be classed upon the latest date [26 weeks] but should be arranged only at the time when pregnancy is first detected, this should be [at the latest] about 8 weeks.
A few days should be used in assisting the mother to realize other possibilities [adoption and etc] and then the abortion should proceed if requested.
Medical abortions in respect to saving the life of the mother and stopping the birth of Downs syndrome should also be arranged at the earliest opportunity. There is nothing that should stand in the way of the mothers life. If she should want to save the child's life at the expense of her own, then this would be a crime in itself with the mother committing suicide.
There are many rights and wrongs that can be shown on both sides of the coin in respect to abortion. Natives of the Torres Strait called abortion Marramatta, technically they buried the child as soon as it was born and this was usually done to unwanted female babies at birth. Their reasoning was because boy children could work and hunt to feed the family in hard times. This tradition is still to be seen in India today where girl children are an almost unwanted commodity

To each his own
As for myself, I am against abortion unless it is a proven medical necessity but my reasons are simply this, there are many ways in which you can dispose of a child without taking it's life. There is no reason for a woman to say that getting pregnant was an accident because accidents don't just happen, they are made.
On the other hand, I have no right to get on a religious bandwagon led by a loud mouthed preacher and run around killing people in the name of any unborn child. It is the right of the mother to do what she wants to do about a pregnancy as long as it is within the law. For some idiot to blow up an abortion clinic is doing what he [or rather it] claims that the doctors are doing but he [or rather it] is murdering grown adults.

The Lords Prayer
Something that has not gone down well with me is those little devastating accidents that happen during life. Like when I ran over one of my pet cats. I was rather upset for quite some time and pangs of guilt sometimes haunted me. I can only commiserate with young men and women [girls] that have to lose an unborn for it will be on their mind forever. If there is a God then I suggest those who have aborted, start practicing just what you are going to say in your defense when you are standing before him. 

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