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Gun control, especially in the USA, can be a pretty heady subject but Americans should stop and think a little on how to handle this with respect for everyone that lives in their land.
It is now obvious to even the most stubborn gun lover in America, that the number of deaths has now risen to unprecedented heights  and that it will not be long before the rampaging death toll will be one that will no longer be ignored. People wont be able to go to shopping centers without fear of terrorism and death. So where do we start and how can we [the opposed and the for] join together to make America safe from the most dangerous of weapons.

Fully Automatic Weapons 
How can an American citizen own weapons that are designed for and used by the military? Their constitution enables them to own weapons in defense of their lives and family but to be able to own weapons of war is a little too heavy for the general public. Americans easily go after the Muslims when it comes to chastising that religion for being outdated in it's beliefs but the American constitution was written two hundred years or more ago and it too has seen it's day. It is easy to see that the men who go after the heavier automatic weapons have side issues that need to be looked at by the US Government but still, there is a safe way for those who like to feel Rambo-ish.

Gun Clubs and the Target Range.
All heavy automatic weapons including heavy pistols, should only be available to Gun Club members. Purchase of such should only be available at said Gun Clubs and all heavy weapons should be stored [and insured] at the Gun Club under lock and key. Gun clubs could even hire out such heavy weapons on their target range which area should be strictly and strongly organized. Small arms would still be available at gun shops for home protection but the larger weapons of war, which are not and should not be used for hunting animals. The heavy automatic weapons should not be available as an privately owned weapon, to anyone outside of the military or police forces unless they are stored permanently at a gun club.
Gun lovers should understand that sooner or later, someone is going to walk into the school, dance or shopping center where your family think they are safe from evil, how will you protect them if you are not there? Will you go on a gun rampage and murder those who have had nothing to do with the killings, will you be filled with murderous revenge and be just the same as the idiots that commit terror crimes?
You can manage quite well with small arms, shotguns and repeating rifles for their protection. Seriously, you do not need machine guns or RPG's unless of course you are planning a war yourself. Face it, you have allowed your juveniles to take your weapons out in public and do terrible damage, if you allowed this to happen, then you also should pay a penalty. The taking of innocent lives by thrill killers who get their weapons from their parent should be payed for by all concerned.

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