Sunday, 21 August 2016


 It surely does have a nice ring to it but Mr Trump has developed an attitude that has worn thin on the democratic section of America. Now they are placed in a quandary, one where they will have to choose in perhaps having another Pole under the office desk accompanied by the same Government they have had for quite some time now. Frankly I find Trump refreshing for he does not lie to his supporters and he does not lie to his haters. One would guess that he will mellow somewhat if he does gain office but I truly feel that he will make things work for the USA once more. I have folloed Trump since he appeared on Oprah and truly believe America needs him.
For too long America has been in the hands of the wrong type of people who continue to believe that the world can be united as one with all people wandering around in a blissful Garden of Eden. America needs strength just as Russia has strength in Putin, Trump has so much in common with Putin [they even have the same number of letters in their names of which two are the same letters. I believe that Americans will show support for Trump if he can moderate his words and get the Media back onside by promising the Moguls everything. One now understands that the Media control the voters by push and pull tactics so one can only hope that the American public will see through the media crap and get a strong leader. So far it has been two wimpish money moguls, a swordsman, a black Muslim. This I hope is the end of an era because Hilary cannot lord it over Putin, she may have the name but she could never climb Mt Everest.

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