Sunday, 24 July 2016


When did it all begin?
Pornography has come to us in many forms down through the ages and it has caused much disturbance in many areas due to the differing opinions on the rights and wrongs of pornography in all fields.
Perhaps a half a million years ago the first cave dweller painted or drew pictographs on his cave wall or maybe much more time went by until the first civilizations came to be before murals and pottery became the drawing boards. Whatever the case, sex, sex objects and anything else that excites the libido of both men and women has been the main focus of human sexuality for as long as can be remembered.
The human mind has not yet been able to conquer the lust emotion and even your friendly police officer can be seen subversively sneaking a peek at the occasional voluptuous or sensually masculine person strolls by. The problems that come with such desires are manifold and as such cause many problems within human society, a society that is still not able to understand how to handle or cope with said problems.
It is very apparent to all who have studied history, that sex and the opposite sex are the most important part of human emotional feelings and as such, should be treated with great respect for the human mind is flammable and deprivation can lead to severe emotional outbreaks.
Deprived of Sex 
It should be obvious that even celebrate Priests  cannot deprive themselves as already much is known about the hidden world of the religious. Pedophiles are rife within the Church as is homosexuality and it is difficult to separate the two because many pedophiles are known to have adult lovers also. This is not the only example of persons trying to deprive themselves and failing. Nunneries have also suffered their own problems with tales of Nuns becoming pregnant and giving their children to the Church while others simply pack up and leave, preferring to go back into society.
In this the 21st century, we have still not learned to understand what should be done about these sexual concerns, Should it all be swept under the carpet, should all who break the rules be made scapegoats for our own emotional feelings?
21st Century Pornography
Now that we have arrived in this 21st Century, we should be attempting to even out the problems we are faced with in this regard. Some countries realize the problems associated with child sex and have tried to bring down the age of consent while other countries have long realized the problem and have allowed their religious laws to control the matter. For many years in the past,12 years has been the accepted age for consensual sex in many western countries but the Victorian era brought and end to that and the British Empire reverted to keeping everything under wraps so to speak.
Personally, in this 21st century, I firmly believe that many a poor girl has been saved from a fate worse than death [or as bad as] by pornography in video format. Men can now get to see everything, no matter how bad and so most are just too worn out to get past their front door. On the other side, Pornography on social media can also provoke males, especially if seen by the animals that have still not come out of the Neanderthal age. Pornography, like everything else has it's good side and it's bad side

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